Technical expertise You can trust.

Relationships you can rely on.

KP Aviation is a company built with the customer at the center of every action. Forget the phone trees, customer service run-around and corporate one-size-fits-all approach. KP Aviation is an aviation partner that does whatever it takes to see its customers succeed.

OFFSITE Technical Advisors

We don’t just deliver products and services: we advise you on the best technical solution that fits your needs.

EXPERIENCED Problem Solvers

We bring over 23 years of experience to solve even the most difficult issues you might have.

NIMBLE & Adaptable Teammates

We are a part of your team, working together with you to solve your needs, no matter how complex and fluid they are.

FOCUSED Personal Relationships

We build one-on-one personal relationships, focusing on your requirements.

TRANSPARENT Interactions

We give you full and complete visibility into every interaction you have with us.

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